Sauna Door Glass

Product Name: Tempered glass for Sauna door
Thickness:6mm and 8mm
Size: customized
Color:Clear,Bronze, Euro grey, Dark grey
Delivery time: Two weeks
Package: High strong wooden csa


8MM Sauna Door 

Frameless glass sliding doors are a fantastic way to save space, and to create bright, light open areas in a home. As the doors open sideways, then don't impact on the room in the way that a hinged door would when it swings open. There are sliding tracks for all sorts of sizes and configurations. The wide choice of glass means that sliding glass doors can be subtle and seamless, or create impact by becoming almost a piece of home artwork.

Consider the glass weight, 6mm thickness tempered glass use aluminum alloy rails and 8mm thickness tempered glass use stainless steel slide rails to slide the glass door left and right.

For basic tempered glass, there are four or six holes on glass panel.

Glass Applications:

  • Shower room

  • Living room


   Holes Cut outs and Notches Choose